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Crematories in China are struggling to bury the dead

Corona infection is increasing rapidly in China. The number of deaths due to the virus is increasing. As a result, on the one hand, as pressure has increased on Chinese hospitals to treat corona patients, crematories are struggling to cremate bodies. Corona increasing in China day by day.

Cremation authority were running out of space to store bodies

Rows of corpses were seen in crematories in China’s Beijing, Chongqing and Guangzhou on Tuesday. The authorities of the crematoriums said that they are going through a much busier time than usual. Even a cremation authority said they were running out of space to store bodies.

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However, it could not be confirmed whether these bodies are corona patients or not. Because the people working in the crematorium directly avoided the question whether the number of deaths has increased due to Corona. Meanwhile, the Chinese government reported the death of five new people due to Corona. Two more died the previous day on Monday, according to the official statement. All seven people who died in two days were residents of Beijing.

Corona increasing in China day by day

Since the first corona virus was detected in the city of Wuhan in China in 2019, the country’s government has given the information of the total death of 5 thousand 242 people in China. Despite being the most populous country in the world, the death toll in China is much less than other countries.

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In China this month, in the face of violent protests, the government lifted the strict restrictions of corona from the cities. Since then, the number of patients in the hospitals has been increasing. Drug stores are not able to meet the demand. Many health experts say that in the next few months, 60 percent of China’s total population may be affected by the corona virus. And more than 2 million people may die.

Meanwhile, in the capital city of Beijing, a queue of cars was seen outside a crematorium used for cremation of the corona victims. Many of these hearses had to wait for hours. A crematorium worker in Chongqing city said they are having a busy time. They are running out of space in their air-conditioned room to keep the bodies. However, he did not agree to tell whether the cause of these deaths was Corona or not.

Dead Bodies are coming from other districts

A worker at a crematorium in Guangzhou said they are now cremating more than 30 bodies a day. Bodies are coming from other districts for cremation. An employee of another crematorium in the city said they were three to four times busier than in previous years. More than 40 bodies have to be cremated a day.

A crematorium worker in the city of Bioding was asked to know how to deal with the pressure while cremating the body. In response, he said, ‘Of course we are very busy now. And you show a crematorium, which is not under pressure like ours.’


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