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Five Burning Questions for Cowboys-Eagles Game: Get Ready Sunday!

The Cowboys-Eagles game on Sunday will offer answers to five big questions for both teams. This highly anticipated matchup will have significant implications for the NFC East division race.

The Dallas Cowboys, led by quarterback Dak Prescott, will look to maintain their success and solidify their position atop the division. On the other hand, the Philadelphia Eagles, with quarterback Jalen Hurts at the helm, will aim to turn their season around and make a late push for the playoffs.

Both teams will be eager to prove themselves and showcase their strengths in this crucial game. This article explores the key questions surrounding this matchup and what they could mean for the future of these two franchises.

1. Injuries And Lineup Changes

One of the key factors to consider ahead of the Cowboys-Eagles game is the impact of key injuries on both teams. The Cowboys will have to adjust their game plan without key players, and it remains to be seen how they will fill the void left by these absences. The effectiveness of lineup changes will also play a role in determining the outcome of the game. The Cowboys need to assess whether their adjustments will be enough to maintain their performance and compete against a strong Eagles team. It will be interesting to see how the Cowboys adapt to these challenges and how the game unfolds on Sunday.

2. Battle Of The Quarterbacks

In the highly anticipated Cowboys-Eagles game this Sunday, the battle of the quarterbacks will take center stage. As two of the NFL’s top signal-callers face off, fans are left with five big questions about who will come out on top.

With the game on the line, which quarterback will shine brightest?

The battle of the quarterbacks between Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing aspects of the Cowboys-Eagles game on Sunday. Both players have shown their ability to shine on the field, but when it comes to comparing their performance statistics, Prescott has the edge. With a higher completion percentage, more passing yards, and fewer interceptions, Prescott has proven to be a reliable and consistent performer. However, Hurts shouldn’t be underestimated. He possesses great athleticism and has shown glimpses of brilliance in his limited playing time. In addition to comparing their performance statistics, evaluating their leadership qualities is also crucial. Both quarterbacks are known for their ability to lead and inspire their teammates, but it remains to be seen who will shine brighter in Sunday’s game.
Player Completion Percentage Passing Yards Interceptions
Dak Prescott 67% 3,215 5
Jalen Hurts 62% 1,412 3

3. Key Matchups To Watch

Analyzing the impact of these matchups on the game

The Cowboys-Eagles game on Sunday presents several key matchups that will have a significant impact on the outcome. One crucial battle to watch is between the Cowboys’ offensive line and the Eagles’ defensive front. With the likes of Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham on the defensive side, the Cowboys’ offensive line faces a tough challenge in protecting their quarterback. The outcome of this matchup will have a direct impact on the Cowboys’ passing game and overall offensive performance.

In addition, another matchup to keep an eye on is the duel between the Eagles’ wide receivers and the Cowboys’ secondary. The Cowboys’ defensive backs have struggled at times this season, while the Eagles possess a talented group of wide receivers led by DeVonta Smith. How the Cowboys’ secondary handles these receivers will play a crucial role in determining the success of the Eagles’ passing attack.

Furthermore, the battle between the two teams’ running backs and the opposing front seven will also be pivotal. The Cowboys’ running game, led by Ezekiel Elliott, has been effective this season, but the Eagles’ defense has shown strength in stopping the run. If the Cowboys’ running game can find success against the Eagles’ front seven, it will open up opportunities for their passing game and put pressure on the Eagles’ defense.

In conclusion, these key matchups between the Cowboys and Eagles will shape the outcome of the game. The battles in the trenches, the duels between wide receivers and defensive backs, and the matchup between the running backs and front seven will all play significant roles. The team that comes out on top in these one-on-one battles will have a greater chance of success and potentially create game-changing moments that could swing the momentum in their favor.

4. Offensive Strategies

Unveiling the offensive game plans of both teams is crucial in understanding the dynamics of the Cowboys-Eagles game on Sunday. Both teams possess strengths and weaknesses in their offense, which will be a determining factor in the outcome of the game. The Cowboys have showcased a potent passing attack, led by their star quarterback and talented wide receivers. On the other hand, the Eagles have relied heavily on their running game, presenting a formidable challenge for the Cowboys’ defense. Analyzing the effectiveness of different offensive plays and tactics will provide insight into which team will have the upper hand. It will be interesting to see how each team adjusts to the opposing defense and whether they can exploit any weaknesses. Ultimately, the offensive strategies employed by the Cowboys and Eagles will shape the course of the game and dictate the final result.

5. Defensive Tactics And Impact

Defensive tactics will play a crucial role in the upcoming Cowboys-Eagles game. Analysts and fans alike are curious about the strategies that both teams will employ. The Cowboys have several key defensive players to watch, including DeMarcus Lawrence, who is known for his disruptive pass rush, and Jaylon Smith, who excels in coverage and pursuit. On the other side, the Eagles boast a talented defensive unit led by Fletcher Cox, who dominates the line of scrimmage, and Darius Slay, who is known for his shutdown cornerback skills.

The impact of defensive strategies on the outcome of the game cannot be underestimated. A well-executed blitz package or effective zone coverage scheme can completely disrupt an opposing offense and dictate the flow of the game. The ability to generate turnovers and limit big plays will be key for both teams. The defensive battle between the Cowboys and the Eagles will be an intriguing aspect to watch on Sunday.

Five Burning Questions for Cowboys-Eagles Game: Get Ready Sunday!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Five Big Questions Ahead Of Cowboys-eagles Game On Sunday

How Have The Cowboys Performed Against The Eagles This Season?

The Cowboys have struggled against the Eagles this season, losing both previous matchups. They will be looking to turn things around in this game.

What Are The Key Matchups To Watch For In The Cowboys-eagles Game?

Some key matchups to watch for in the Cowboys-Eagles game are the battle between the Cowboys’ offensive line and the Eagles’ defensive line, as well as the matchup between the Cowboys’ secondary and the Eagles’ wide receivers.

How Do The Cowboys And Eagles Stack Up In Terms Of Their Playoff Chances?

Both the Cowboys and Eagles are currently in the hunt for a playoff spot, but the Cowboys have the edge with a slightly higher chance of making it to the postseason. This game will be crucial for both teams’ playoff hopes.


In this highly anticipated Cowboys-Eagles matchup, there are five big questions that will determine the outcome on Sunday. From the performance of the quarterbacks to the effectiveness of the defensive strategies, each team has a lot on the line. Fans and experts alike are eager to see who will come out on top and how it will impact the playoff race.

With so much at stake, this game is sure to be one for the books. Don’t miss the action as these two fierce rivals battle it out on the field.



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