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How will Ronaldo live in Saudi Arabia?

Cristiano Ronaldo left Europe and came to Asia. He has gone to play in a country where his European life in public is simply impossible. How to live in Saudi Arabia, the country of Shariah law, the Portuguese star! Getting used to life in Saudi Arabia suddenly from Europe is also difficult. But it’s true, the Saudi authorities have made all the arrangements for new life of Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia comfort.

Highest facilities are being arranged for Ronaldo

Many aspects of the European lifestyle are strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia. But for foreigners, especially Westerners, the European way of life is arranged behind the walls. It is known that the highest facilities are being arranged for Ronaldo in such a place while playing in Al Nasr. The British newspaper Daily Mail reports that the Saudi authorities have arranged a luxury house in the capital Riyadh for Ronaldo, which has a market value of 12 million pounds. Everything a person wants to live a luxurious life is provided there.

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Ronaldo’s house has a swimming pool, which is said to be an ‘Olympic size pool’. The eight-bedroom home, which also has a children’s school on the premises, has everything from golf to luxury living. Ronaldo will get all the benefits that Saudi Arabia gives its western friends. There is even a world class brand shop in that premises for new life of Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia. But everything will be hidden from the eyes of the common people of Saudi Arabia, who are bound by strict Sharia law.

Ronaldo’s new life in Saudi Arabia, wrapped in money and luxury

Al Nasr introduced Ronaldo yesterday through a stylish ceremony. He announced the end of his Europe phase at the official press conference. The Portuguese star has joined Al Nasr in a huge amount. He will earn $210 million a year here, which is the highest in the history of the sport, let alone football. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner earns a salary, image rights and commercial activities that would take many European star footballers years to earn.

Ronaldo’s new life in Saudi Arabia, wrapped in money and luxury, goes without saying.

Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Saudi club Al Nasr for an unimaginable fee. Here he will earn 21 million US dollars a year, which is the highest in the history of sports, let alone football. It is said that this five-time Ballon d’Or winner will earn the amount of salary, image-property and commercial activities in Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, the Portuguese star has also been assured of a luxurious life with his family. But Ronaldo has broken a strict law by stepping into Saudi Arabia!

According to the law of Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo’s relationship with Georgina is illegal

Ronaldo’s European-style lifestyle is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia. He lives in Saudi Arabia with his partner Georgina Rodriguez and children. But according to the law of Saudi Arabia, his relationship with Georgina is illegal. Although parents of children, Ronaldo and Georgina were never married. It is an extramarital affair under Saudi Arabian law. Now what will happen to Ronaldo? But it is true, during the contract with Al Nasr, Ronaldo must have discussed this matter with them. The club authorities are also aware of the relationship between Ronaldo and Georgina.

Futbol España spoke to two legal experts in Saudi Arabia about the matter. They said, however, that while extramarital affairs are strictly prohibited under Saudi law, the Saudi authorities will treat Ronaldo in the same light as they do for any other Westerner. Saudi authorities generally don’t bother Westerners with these issues. So it is not a big issue for new life of Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia

What is said by legal expert

A legal expert said, “Although it is strictly forbidden in Saudi law for a couple to live under one roof without marriage, the Saudi authorities will not bother with Ronaldo’s case.” Usually these laws are not applied in the case of westerners.

Another lawyer said the same thing, saying Saudi authorities do not apply this law to foreign nationals. The Saudi authorities are not even willing to bother about foreigners, especially Westerners. But this law will be strictly followed for the citizens of the country.

Ronaldo-fans have nothing to worry about. Ronaldo does not have to be punished for breaking a very important law in Saudi Arabia.



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