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Long Island HS football player Robert Bush taken off life support

A Newfield High School football player has been taken off life support after he collapsed during a summer workout. Robert Bush, 17, suffered sudden cardiac arrest after a 4-minute conditioning drill on July 3. His teammates and coach desperately tried to save him when he collapsed on the field. “We’re at the beginning of the final stages of my brother,” said Steven Bush. “We haven’t said our goodbyes, but that’s what we are preparing to do, talk about organ donation.”Robert’s family says he was taken off life support Friday night so that his organs could be donated.The grieving family is getting love and support from the community in Selden.  HS State football News 2023.

It’s unknown if Robert has a heredity condition. He was adopted at birth into the Bush family and is among 10 of their children and 300 foster children. “Did you ever see the movie ‘Rudy’? That’s him,” said Christopher Bush about his brother. Robert’s teammates visited him in the hospital. “You don’t realize how much a community can come together until you see it firsthand.

There are lingering questions about how much time passed before Robert’s heart was shocked by a defibrillator. Were AEDs accessible and on the field? The Bush family asked why summer sports programs don’t have the same safety requirements as in-season practices and games.”As an athletic trainer myself, we’ve got to make sure we are advocating for medical professionals for these kids. Practice, conditioning, it doesn’t matter. Someone needs to be there. Could have made the difference,” said Joshua Bush, Robert’s cousin. The Middle Country School superintendent said counselors and support staff are available to students. More Information



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