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The Future of Dhaka’s Metro Rail Network: Exploring Exciting Upcoming Lines


Dhaka’s metro rail network is set to expand with upcoming lines, promising a robust future for the city’s transportation system.

Dhaka’s Metro Rail Network Expansion Plan

The Future of Dhaka’s Metro Rail Network: Exploring Upcoming Lines
Dhaka’s Metro Rail Network Expansion Plan  
Overview of the metro rail network expansion project  
Goals and objectives of expanding the network  
Current status of ongoing lines  
What to expect in the future  

Dhaka’s Metro Rail Network is set for a significant expansion, with several upcoming lines aimed at improving the city’s transportation system. The expansion plan aims to connect more areas of Dhaka, reducing travel time and providing residents with efficient and convenient travel options. One major objective of this expansion is to ease congestion on the roads and reduce pollution levels.

Currently, there are ongoing lines that are under development, including Line 6 (MRT-6) and Line 1 (MRT-1). These lines are expected to bring great relief to the city’s commuters once completed. Line 6 will connect Uttara to Motijheel, while Line 1 will run from Uttara to Kamalapur. These lines are being constructed with modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey for passengers.

In the future, commuters can expect the introduction of additional lines, which will further enhance the metro rail network in Dhaka. These new lines will connect various parts of the city, providing more accessibility and convenience to residents. The expansion project aims to revolutionize the transportation system in Dhaka, making it more sustainable and efficient.

The Future of Dhaka’s Metro Rail Network: Exploring Exciting Upcoming Lines


Line 6: Uttara-sadarghat Line

The Future of Dhaka’S Metro Rail Network: Exploring Upcoming Lines

Overview of the Route and Stations: Line 6, also known as the Uttara-Sadarghat Line, is a significant addition to Dhaka’s metro rail network. It will span across approximately 20 kilometers and comprise of 16 stations, connecting Uttara, the largest residential area in Dhaka, to Sadarghat, a prominent transportation hub.

Connecting Major Areas of Dhaka: Line 6 plays a crucial role in connecting major areas of Dhaka, such as Mirpur, Farmgate, and Motijheel, among others. This seamless connectivity will not only ease the daily commute for residents but also contribute to reduced traffic congestion and pollution in the city.

Impact on Transportation and Commuting: Once completed, Line 6 is expected to revolutionize the transportation and commuting experience in Dhaka. It will provide a faster, efficient, and comfortable alternative to existing modes of transportation, making daily travel convenient for residents, workers, and tourists.

Timeline for Completion and Expected Launch Date: The construction of Line 6 is progressing rapidly, with a planned completion date in the near future. While an official launch date is yet to be announced, its opening will be eagerly awaited by many, as it marks a significant milestone in the continuous development of Dhaka’s metro rail network.

Line 7: Mirpur-motijheel Line

The Mirpur-Motijheel Line, also known as Line 7, is a crucial addition to Dhaka’s Metro Rail network. This upcoming line will greatly enhance connectivity for residents of Mirpur, a densely populated area in the city. The proposed route of Line 7 will cover important locations such as Mirpur 12, Agargaon, and Farmgate, before terminating at Motijheel, a major commercial and administrative hub. The inclusion of Line 7 will not only improve transportation options for Mirpur residents but also have a significant economic and social impact on the surrounding areas. The increased accessibility will attract businesses, create employment opportunities, and stimulate growth in these regions. However, the implementation of Line 7 comes with its own set of challenges. The construction work may cause disruptions and inconveniences for commuters temporarily, but these challenges can be mitigated through proper planning and coordination. The future of Dhaka’s Metro Rail network looks promising with the addition of Line 7, as it strives to meet the growing transportation needs of the city.

Line 9: Airport-rupnagar Line

The Airport-Rupnagar Line, also known as Line 9, holds significant importance in connecting the airport with the city center in Dhaka. This upcoming line will not only provide easy and convenient transportation options for travelers, but it will also play a crucial role in reducing traffic congestion. The route of Line 9 will pass through various stations, allowing for seamless connectivity to different parts of the city. By expanding the metro rail network to the airport, it will open up new opportunities for the development of areas along the line. This expansion is expected to bring about economic growth, as well as spur infrastructure development in these areas. The upcoming completion of Line 9 is eagerly anticipated, as it will have a profound influence on the overall development of Dhaka, both in terms of transport facilities and urban expansion.

Other Future Lines And Expansion Projects

The future of Dhaka’s metro rail network looks promising with the upcoming lines and expansion projects. These projects aim at expanding the metro rail network to different parts of the city, improving connectivity, and reducing travel time for the residents.

Some of the other upcoming lines include Line 5, which will connect Bhatara to Gabtoli, and Line 6, connecting Uttara to Azimpur. These projects will provide easier access to major residential and commercial areas, enhancing transportation options for the citizens of Dhaka.

The expansion of the metro rail network brings potential benefits such as easing traffic congestion, reducing pollution, and improving the overall transportation system. However, challenges such as funding, land acquisition, and coordination between different stakeholders need to be addressed.

The overall impact of these projects on the city’s infrastructure and development will be significant. The improved connectivity will attract investment, boost business opportunities, and contribute to the economic growth of Dhaka. It will also enhance the quality of life for the residents by providing a efficient and sustainable mode of transportation.

Upcoming Lines Key Destinations
Line 5 Bhatara to Gabtoli
Line 6 Uttara to Azimpur

Frequently Asked Questions On The Future Of Dhaka’s Metro Rail Network: Exploring Upcoming Lines

How Many Stations Will Be There In Dhaka Metro Rail?

The Dhaka Metro Rail will have a total of 16 stations.

When Metro Rail Will Start In Bangladesh?

The metro rail in Bangladesh is expected to start soon. Keep an eye out for official announcements for the exact date.

How Metro Rail Will Change The Life Of People Living In Dhaka?

The metro rail in Dhaka will significantly improve the lives of residents by offering a faster and more efficient transportation system. Commuters can save time on their daily commute, reduce traffic congestion, and enjoy a more comfortable travel experience. Additionally, the metro rail will contribute to a greener environment by decreasing air pollution.

Why Does Dhaka Need A Metro Rail?

Dhaka needs a metro rail because it can ease traffic congestion, offer faster and more efficient transportation, reduce pollution, and improve overall connectivity in the city.


With the upcoming lines in Dhaka’s Metro Rail network, the future holds great promise for the city’s transportation system. Commuters can look forward to an improved and efficient mode of commute, easing traffic congestion and reducing travel time. The expansion of the metro rail network signifies a step towards a more sustainable and modern city.

Let’s embrace this progress, as Dhaka moves towards a brighter future for transportation.





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